· Please, open packaging Carefully. 

· Check the contents of the box when delivered to make sure the order is correct and the Palms are OK. If there is a problem, contact your supplier immediately!!                               

 ·     Fresh Palm does best when handled as lettuce or produce – refrigeration helps.  DO NOT REMOVE DECÓR FROM THE  PACKAGING UNTIL FRIDAY OR SATURDAY BEFORE PALM SUNDAY.  You may want to cut the stems a tad when  placing in water. They will be fine as long as the stems stay in water. Misting the decorative leaves is good, but not for the Stripped. They are better as is and wetting will encourage molds and fungus which may damage them. 

· To keep the Stripped Palm fresh, do NOT remove from the packaging until Palm Sunday morning. If making crosses, keep them in a plastic bag until ready for use. They will begin to dry upon removal. 

· Do not allow your palms to be stored where sunlight can be on the box! Keep away from any heat source. Spread out the packs of Stripped Palms while still in the packaging if you are in a warm climate to prevent heat building up. 

        PLEASE! Never store or transport for any length of time palms in the trunk of a car!!  Handle the palms as if they were fresh cut flowers. They love sunlight and heat when growing, NOT after being prepared. 






















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